Recruiting Volunteers

Volunteers are your best asset

If your organisation wants to grow its work with volunteers then these link resources are here to help.

Sample Policy Templates:


Sample-Volunteer-Agreement Volunteer Policy v2.2.docxpdf

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Insurance Policy

Recruitment Policy

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

The (organisation) Interests and Reputation

Volunteer agreement template

Volunteer Agreement and Policy



Are You Volunteer Ready?


Retaining Volunteers

Retaining and Supporting Volunteers July  – From Basingstoke Voluntary Action

Think about motivation

How To find, recruit & retain volunteers

Young Volunteers

Young Volunteer Fact Sheet





Supported Volunteering

Volunteering for Everyone guide to support those with learning disabilities into volunteering

Volunteering whilst on benefits



UK charity virtual online and home micro volunteering (


Promoting Your Volunteer Opportunities

One way to promote your volunteer opportunities more effectively, is to make a simple video and share it online. How to make a simple video to promote your organisation highlights some things to think about


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