Recruiting Volunteers

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The IW Volunteer Centre is THE place to promote your volunteer opportunities on the Island. Run by Community Action IW who support the Voluntary Sector on the Isle of Wight, we are in a good position to get your opportunities out to many people. We have many years experience of supporting organisations to recruit, manage and support volunteers.

Our Service includes:


  • Matching both individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate opportunities in the local community
  • Brokering volunteering opportunities in whichever way is most appropriate using a range of media
  • Providing a personal service to advise on appropriate opportunities


  • Promoting volunteering as a two-way process that benefits organisations and individuals
  • Promoting volunteering and specific volunteering opportunities online, through printed publicity materials, local media, special events and outreach activities. We run a virtual volunteer fair and take part in local events such as Isle of Wight Day, Ventnor Day, IOW Festival of the Mind and other wellbeing days.
  • Supporting local and national volunteering campaigns (e.g. National Student Volunteering Week,Volunteers’ Week, Make a Difference Day)
  • We promote opportunities in local libraries and have a regular presence in them
  • Social media – We promote volunteering through our You Tube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via our fortnightly e-newsletter

Good practice development

  • Providing good quality information on developing high quality volunteer opportunities, volunteer recruitment and management to organisations; including the development of policies, screening, insurance and compliance with the legislation
  • Extending the reach and impact of volunteering locally, reflecting the needs and diversity of the local community
  • Providing resources for best practice, training or signposting training opportunities
  • Helping volunteers and organisations to resolve problems when things go wrong or relationships break down

Policy response and campaigning

  • Maintaining awareness of policies affecting the voluntary sector
  • Responding effectively to consultation
  • Campaigning to protect the interests of the voluntary sector and volunteers

Community Action IW aims to support and co-ordinate voluntary effort and works with new and existing organisations of all sizes to help fill gaps in local services. Voluntary and community action makes our community and the Isle of Wight a better place. We want to make sure it does and that it has the greatest positive impact on everyone. To achieve this we provide the support and networks that help people and organisations to use their time, expertise and energy effectively.

We give voluntary and community organisations the assistance and platform they need to make a difference to local lives and issues. This includes helping them with setting up and running of their organisation, funding, training and ensuring their needs and views are represented. Helping to strengthen their work and amplify their voice.

We help voluntary and community groups recruit volunteers and follow best practice in the management of volunteers.  We work with people who want to volunteer their time to find local opportunities that make the most of their abilities and ambitions. Through our volunteer centre we help people find meaningful ways to contribute their time, skills and energy to voluntary and community organisations and other initiatives across the Island.

A strong society and community is one where everyone works together. That’s why we connect local businesses with voluntary and community organisations so they can both benefit from each other’s expertise and networks. We also work with the public sector to ensure they connect with local voluntary and community action. The support and networks we create between organisations and people help to build a stronger and fairer community for everyone.

Community Action IW is member of ACRE Action with Rural Communities in Rural England. Through this membership we have access to specialist information sheets for Village Halls.

We offer a range of services and information that can help your organisation to flourish.
If you do not find what you need here, please call us on 01983 524 058/07498470216 .