Admin Support for The Hardman Trust

10 February 2022

Admin support for The Hardman Trust | Isle of Wight Volunteer Centre (

The Hardman Trust supports prisoners who are planning for their future beyond prison. The Trust encourages men and women to achieve self-set personal goals and feel empowered to take control of their lives.

Three volunteer opportunities available at The Hardman Trust – based out of our office, St Cross Business Park.

1. Data entry Transcribing data, from hand-written applications from prisoners, onto our database. This task which is essential to the operation of our Award scheme, as it enables us to respond effectively to any queries from prison staff, prisoners, Hardman staff and trustees.

2. Directory distribution Organising on a weekly basis the efficient mail-out of Hardman Directories, to prison and probation staff, prisoner families and others who have requested a copy.

3. Phone calling prison librarians across the UK for Directory feedback. Contacting prison librarians across the UK, by phone and email, eliciting their feedback. Prison librarians have, over the years, expressed their gratitude for receiving such a valued resource.