Seagrass Seed Collection

1 July 2022

An unusual microvolunteering opportunity has come in this week, for those who like to be up early or try something different:

Join Project Seagrass for a snorkeling adventure this July at Bouldnor.

You will be shown how to collect seagrass seeds which will be used for local restoration projects.
To sign up for Saturday 16th July:…/seagrass-seed-collection…
To sign up for Sunday –…/seagrass-seed-collection…


Project Seagrass is a global facing environmental charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems through research, community and action.

Our three pillars define how we act. As such, we’re passionate about:

  • engaging the wider community on the presence and importance of seagrass ecosystems, the services they provide and current seagrass management issues,
  • supporting local stakeholders in the use of standardised scientific methodologies,
  • promoting and assisting with long-term monitoring of seagrass condition,
  • assisting with scientific research and supporting conservation and restoration measures that help facilitate the long-term resilience of seagrass ecosystems.