Community & Volunteer Days

7 March 2022

Community and Volunteer Days

Saturday March 19th 11- 3pm at the Isle of Wight Community Club, Park Road, Cowes. (opposite the skatepark)

Saturday March 26th 1-4pm at East Cowes Town Hall

The IW Volunteer Centre and Community Resilience Team are holding two Community and Volunteer days. The purpose of these days are to:

  • Bring a focus on groups that support our communities and what they offer.
  • Kickstart volunteering with a particular focus on engaging younger volunteers and the potential for whole family volunteering.  It is an opportunity for you to share your volunteering opportunities.
  • Ensure that communities and organisations know about our new dedicated Volunteer Website and that they are linked in to our Island Volunteer Centre Support Network.  We offer a range of support including DBS checks.
  • Share skills – do your groups need any specific training or do you offer any training to other organisations?  Be ready to share with others if you do.
  • Community Gift Stand – an opportunity for members of the public to register and add their unique skills to a local database, with the aim that it could be a gift that is shared with a number of community groups.
  • Network and support each other and help us move forward from what has been a really challenging time for us all.

NB – For Cowes

  • Highlight emerging community projects/initiatives such as the Cowes and Northwood Place Plan with community groups and residents (see attached link and do have a look at the Community Resilience Forum area in particular) PowerPoint Presentation (


The Community Club is often quite busy on a Saturday but there will be plenty of parking for us.  We will greet you and direct you to your table. We will be holding a few outdoor nature activities and the opportunity to have a go at Petanque – and possibly a few other things.

If you have any queries about the day then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Please contact:

Kay Smith, Community Resilience Co-ordinator 07535972848

Sandy Ciccognani, Volunteer Centre Manager  01983 539370


There will be a whole Island Volunteer Fair on Sunday 3rd July 2022 at Northwood House and a number of other local events. Please get in touch if you would like to take part.