Videographers / Content Creators needed, for an Isle of Wight community TV channel called Wight Vision (see

We’re gathering together creatives to form the nucleus of this exciting project. So if you're creative, and have an interest in making videos, then you’d be very welcome to join us on this adventure.

We can provide camera equipment and can teach you how to use it, as well opportunities to expand your comfort zone, get into weird and wonderful situations, make new friends, and form creative collaborations.

We aspire to become a well-known and vibrant part of the Island’s media ecosphere, so there’s no telling how far this opportunity could carry you.

Volunteers with disabilities would be very welcome, as we do everything possible to help you to achieve what is possible, and work around what isn’t.

Regarding the project itself, Wight Vision is a volunteer-led initiative to set-up an Isle of Wight community TV channel. Not a commercial channel that broadcasts to people’s TV’s, but a team of creatives, organisers, and social media wizards, who make videos on subjects they’re passionate about, and publish that content online, using sites like YouTube and Rumble (via the Wight Vision channel set-up on those platforms).

The purpose of bringing lots of individuals together under one roof is to facilitate: socialising, creative collaborations, the teaching and learning new skills, the sharing of resources, and to try and make the biggest splash possible on the Isle of Wight, by creating a constant stream of high quality video content.

We aspire to cover local stories, create video articles, highlight good causes and points for concern, and create original content (animations, documentaries, music videos etc.)


No skills or equipment are needed, just a willingness to have a go.

Camera equipment can be loaned to you, and skills can be taught. That’s why we’re here.


  • Diversity and equal opportunities policy
    We don't discriminate. We value the strength that arises from diversity.
  • Accessibility
    Volunteers with disabilities are most welcome. We do everything possible to help you achieve what is possible, and work around what isn’t.
  • Age restrictions
    We welcome volunteers of all ages. We aspire to cultivate a community that feels like a large family, where the old teach the young, and the young inspire the old.
  • Child Protection
    We aren't equipped to work with children, and so aren't able to accept volunteers younger than 16. But we do welcome all younger adults 16+.
  • Complaints Policy
    Any complains should be addressed to the project organiser, via the contact page of the website, and will be address in an objective and confidential manner.
  • Confidentially Policy
    No personal information of volunteers will be shared (e.g. names, contact details, biographical information) without the volunteer's prior written consent.
  • DBS check required
    At this point in time, we're not equipped to DBS check our volunteers, athough we encourage everyone involved to report inappropriate behaviour. And if it appears that any type of misconduct has occurred, then we don't hesitate to remove the perpetrator from the project.
  • Ex Offenders
    We consider ex-offenders on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature of their offence.
  • Expenses reimbursed
    At this point in time, we don't unfortunately have a kitty from which we can reimburse any volunteer expense. However, most of the projects we're involved in cost little or nothing to participate in.
  • Health and Safety Policy
    At this point in time, we do not have a comprehensive health and safety policy. While we will do everything possible to protect those involved, volunteers are asked to accept responsibility for their own wellbeing while participating in this project.
  • Ongoing support
    We encourage volunteers to remain involved in the project on a long-term basis, there's no end-point at which people are asked to move on. Our hope is that our volunteers will grow as the project grows. And as opportunities open up to us, they'll open up to our volunteers. We hope to cultivate a community, like a family, that mutually suppose those involved.
  • Suitable for Duke of Edinburgh Award
    At this point in time, we cannot confirm if this project would be suitable for a Duke of Edinburgh Award. That's something we may look into in the future.
  • Suitable for Supported Volunteering
    We welcome individuals who have support needs, and who have a care giver to assist them. Although we're not currently equipped to provide specialist support ourselves.
  • Suitable for Under 16's
    Unfortunately we're not currently equipped to work with volunteers younger than 16, unless they're accompanied by an adult/parent/care giver.
  • Suitable for Under 18's
    Everyone over the age of 16 is most welcome.
  • Training provided
    Yes, we can provide training in multiple areas, that include videography, video editing, animation, website administration, and PR / marketing.
  • Volunteer induction
    There’s no formal induction process. We’ll have an informal chat, via email / phone / in person, and then you’ll be asked to complete an application form. Once you’ve returned that to us, you’ll be introduced to the other volunteers, and helped to find your particular niche.
  • Volunteer Policy
    Our volunteer policy is that we respect and appreciate our volunteers, and do everything possible: to ensure their wellbeing, to make them feel safe and appreciated, and to help them to learn and grow as individuals, and as a part of a friendly community.
  • Volunteers covered by insurance
    At this point in time, we're not able to offer volunteer insurance. That's something we'd very much like to raise funds to cover in the not too distant future, but for the time being we must ask everyone involved to take responsibility for their own safety while participating in this project.
  • Vulnerable Adults Policy
    We do work with individuals who have both physical and mental health challenges, and very much appreciate their contributions to the project. We have had no issues working with anyone so far, but cannot provide any promises or guarantees regarding vulnerable adults. Each applicant will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and if either party has concerns regarding the wellbeing of the candidate, we may decide that we're simply unable to provide the degree of care needed for that person.
  • Written role description
    We encourage every volunteer to discover their own role, and invent their own title. We provide no formal role description, because we've discovered that people, and the roles they gravitate to naturally evolve over time.

When can I volunteer?

Start Date: 22/02/2022

End Date: 22/02/2032

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Afternoon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Evening Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Availability Details

Volunteering can be done whenever you're available. We try to meet up as a group, or in local teams, at least once every fortnight, but aside from that we organise meetings, projects, events on an ad-hoc basis as and when those involved are needed. We don't have a central office space (yet), and so borrow or hire spaces in libraries or community centres etc as and when needed, and otherwise work from home.


This opportunity has no specific location.

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